Recently I read a fantastic piece from Tim Urban’s Wait but Why blog which broke down the exact number of weeks we can expect in our life. It gives off a very straightforward message: your life is precious, and every week we can spend our life doing something different of our choice. This article is pretty old, but not dated. It was written before the Coronavirus Pandemic, before anyone outside of NYU knew who Timothée Chalamet was, and even before Tik Tok.

Tim’s Chart breaking a lifetime into weeks. He also creates similar visuals showing famous deaths and game changing discoveries by week of life

If we (very optimistically) aspire to live 100 years, or 5,200 weeks, there’s a lot more time behind…

Like many, I’ve been in a vulnerable stupor since last Wednesday. The day began with something like hope in the air. Democrat politicians Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff were wrapping up their runoff election for Senate and it was clear that Georgia had miraculously flipped Blue across the board. There had been plenty of uproar from Republicans in the House and the Senate contesting the presidential election (although… not the results which went in their favor). But the Powers That Be were following the letter of our constitution. Donald Trump would be formally voted out, and the Senate would flip…

Sean From MySpace

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